Lawyer Office «Christos Zygogiannis & Attorneys»

We are a modern law firm, comprised of experienced scholars with a sense of responsibility, therefore, eager to solve even the most complex legal matters. Already in the year 2000 and in a short time has grown into a dynamic law firm which is engaged at both militant and level advisory lawyer, with a wide variety of cases covering the main areas of Greek law.

Training, experience, thoroughness and sense of responsibility are the main features of our office, which contribute to achieving our goal, which is none other than the immediate, reliable and efficient delivery of legal services tailored to your needs the requirements of modern times.

Our partnership with a well-organized network of external collaborators, which consists of notaries, bailiffs, lawyers provincial towns and scientists from other disciplines (engineers, translators, economists, accountants, etc.), enables us to be at your side and essentially to offer comprehensive services and expert advice.


Practice Areas

We specialize in the following practice areas of Law

Defendant accused and category support across the whole spectrum of criminal law with experience, training and conscientiousness



Legal coverage in traffic accidents and insurance law issues


We provide full legal services regarding labor and social security law. We support a wide range of private law relations, and resolve effectively urban disputes.

With responsibility and immediacy we face a wide range of issues of Greeks abroad


In collaboration with experienced, responsible Civil Engineer Technical Bureau we undertake all urban planning issues effectively

Reliability and proven skill in corporate affairs and disputes from commercial transactions




Contact with our Lawyer Office

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