Practice Areas


We specialize in the following practice areas of Law

Criminal Law

  • Crimes against life - injuries (homicide, exhibition, physical damage)

  • Crimes against personal liberty (criminal damage, take the law into one's hand, threatening, disturbing domestic peace)

  • Crimes of honor (libel, slander)

  • Crimes relating to marriage and the family (family class disturbance, breach of undertaking maintenance, child neglect surveillance)

  • Crimes against property (theft, embezzlement, weave, robbery, damage foreign ownership)

  • Crimes on the pleadings (forgery, document submission)

  • Crimes against justice (perjury, false unnecessary deposit, false accusations)

  • Commonly dangerous crimes (arson, violation of building rules)

  • Crimes against property rights (extortion, fraud, defrauding creditors)

Traffic Accidents & Insurance Law

  • Automobile differences

  • Expertise

  • Negotiations with insurance companies

  • Damages actions

  • Lawsuits against insurance companies and Auxiliary Fund

Civil Law & Labor Law

Family Law

  • Divorces, by consensus anticipation, biennial dimension

  • Child support husband

  • Guardianship

  • Asset allocation

  • Editor minors, adoption, guardianship of minors

  • Cohabitation agreement

Inheritance Law

  • Publication and declaration of the main covenant

  • Accept / disclaimer heritage

  • Issuance of inheritance

  • Testament Instructions

  • Differences between heirs

  • Distribution of real estate from inheritance

  • Contracts of sale of movable and immovable

  • Construction of contracts that regulate private law relationships

  • Damages actions of tort and contractual liability

  • Setting building issues and disputes between co-owners, neighboring law

  • Prospects, mortgages

  • Assertive lawsuits

  • Establishment of associations, civil non-profit corporations, amending statutes


  • Lease agreement

  • Orders Payment

  • Lawsuits for rent

  • Performance Orders / Lawsuits

  • Residential lease, commercial lease

  • Outcoming procedures

Labor Law

  • Updates on topics of pay, leave, benefits, redundancy, pensions

  • Labor disputes, claims, accidents

  • Employment Contracts

  • Job rotation

  • Allegations of employment contract

  • Social Security Law, proceedings against employer for non -insurance in IKA, representation of Labor Inspectorate, rights for one-time cash benefits.

Greeks abroad

  • Application for taking all kinds of certificates

  • Setting financial backlog

  • Settings fiscal issues (handling filing a tax residence certificate, preparation of tax returns, paying taxes, etc.)

  • Settlement hereditary cases

  • Settle cases proprietary

  • Official translations of foreign language documents

  • Enforcement of foreign judgments in Greece

  • Solving military theme

  • Pension matters (filing of applications and related documents for retirement)

  • Representation in government agencies such as Urban Planning, National Cadastre

  • Representation of utilities (DEH, EYDAP, OTE), etc.

Nationality Law

  • Acquisition of Greek citizenship to citizens of the European Union and to third -country nationals.

  • Granting a residence permit

  • Extension of short -lived third country citizen

Property - Urban Planning - National Land Registry

  • Judicial and Extrajudicial correction of first inaccurate cadastral records

  • Statements

  • Applications

  • Objections

  • Control and registration of land in the National Land Registry

  • Correction of squares in the competent municipality

  • Correction of squares in E9 and in the tax return

  • Finding a building dossier of property (building permit executive, floor plans, topographic diagram, coverage diagram, faces, incisions)

  • Arbitrary constructions (many buildings in Greece have arbitrary constructions that the owner does not know)

  • Electronic building identity necessary for notarial deeds

  • Drawing topographic

  • Entry of data to the DOY residents of overseas

  • Search real estate for purchase

  • Search buyers to sell real estate

  • Legal Audit of Property: Prosecutor's and Weight Control

  • Drawing up contract plans, pre -agencies and ownership of real estate, and other private agreements

  • Drawing private housing leasing agreements, professional lease, building facilities - short -term leases

  • Lawsuits from lease

  • Payment/Lease Communications

  • Adhesive lawsuits

  • Assertive lawsuits

  • Real estate

  • Differences between co -owners

  • Real estate expropriations

Commercial Law

  • Establishment, modification, solution of marketers, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, public limited companies

  • Liquidation

  • Law-negotiable checks, bills of exchange / promissory notes, Commercial orders, Debit Bonds, Depository, Warrants, Bills of lading

  • Consumer protection