Law 4821/2021 -number 8: Compulsory initial mediation session on the correction of inaccurate first registration of the land books.

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Here are the following article 8 of Law 4821/2021, which carry out significant changes regarding the lawsuits filed to correct the inaccurate first records of the Land Registry.

Article 8

In Article 6 par. 6 shaped as follows:

"2. (a) In the event of inaccurate first registration, the right to the right and a local or some registration of the first registration may be requested before the competent and location. The lawsuit, recognition or claim, is exercised by anyone who has a legitimate interest within an exclusive deadline expiring on December 31 of the year, in which eight (8) years are completed from the commencement of the deadline, in accordance with c. of the present.

[b) has been removed]

(c) The exclusive deadline for the action of the lawsuit begins with the publication in the Government Gazette of the Board of Directors. of the entity in accordance with Article 1 (3) of the action is addressed against the beneficiary of the right to which the first registration or against the universal successors. In the event of a special succession to the right to which the first registration concerns, the action must be switched against both the alleged registration as the beneficiary or its universal successors and against its special successors. When the lawsuit is directed against the Greek State, which is listed as the right to the right to initial registrations, the provisions of article 8 of AN. 1539/1938 (A '488), as amended by article 24 of Law 2732/1999 (A' 154). If the first registration has noted that the correction application is pending by the Cadastre Examination Committees referred to in article 7A of Law 2308/1995 (A '114), the lawsuit shall be compulsorily directed against the beneficiary as the beneficiary in the first registration of any experts or any specialists or any specialists. Catholic successors and the applicant to correction under article 6a of Law 2308/1995. The action in accordance with the above implies the termination of the proceedings before the Cadastral Examination Committees under Article 7a of Law 2308/1995.

d) Before discussing the lawsuit of c. Special Register, drawn up and kept in electronic form by the Central Committee of Mediation referred to in Article 10 of Law 4640/2019 (A '190). In the event of unjustified non -appearance of the defendants in the compulsory initial session, an increased cost of costs shall be imposed. In the event of an agreement, the intermediary report is recorded on the cadastral sheet and the inaccurate cadastral registration is corrected. If the treatment also requires geometric changes in the cadastral diagrams, they are attached to the mediation minutes of invalidity, the topographic chart of geometric changes and its electronic submission evidence to the electronic base of the body, as defined in paragraph. Regarding the issues regarding the process of compulsory initial mediation session, the content and validity of the practical mediation shall apply mutatis mutandis to Article 6 (2) and (3) to Article 7 and paragraph 1 and 2 of Article 8 of Law 4640/2019 (A '190), respectively.

(e) The resolution of the dispute in accordance with c.

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