Greeks abroad



Knowing the need of the Greeks of the Diaspora to have a clear and direct knowledge of Greek reality, which will ensure the possibility of effective handling of the issues that concern them, we informing and counseling the Greeks as to the management of their affairs in Greece.

Also our office offers Greek expatriates integrated services to address legal issues and matters involving a wide range of activities of daily, having always as basic orientation finding the most direct and advantageous solution that satisfies only the interest of our client.

Indicative our services to expatriates include:

  • Application for taking all kinds of certificates

  • Estate management (communication with tenants, rental income, etc.)

  • Setting financial backlog

  • Settings fiscal issues (handling filing a tax residence certificate, preparation of tax returns, paying taxes, etc.)

  • Settlement hereditary cases

  • Settle cases proprietary

  • Official translations of foreign language documents

  • Enforcement of foreign judgments in Greece

  • Solving military theme

  • Pension matters (filing of applications and related documents for retirement)

  • Representation in government agencies such as Urban Planning, National Cadastre

  • Representation of utilities (DEH, EYDAP, OTE), etc.

Nationality Law
  • Acquisition of Greek citizenship to citizens of the European Union and to third -country nationals.

  • Granting a residence permit

  • Extension of short -lived third country citizen